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On any given day you’ll find the team in at Keren Brown Interiors very busy with important things that need to be done. Eating cake whilst playing with pretty fabrics and flicking through design books tops the list of the very important things that need to be done. Client work is also very important so please don’t be misled into thinking cake is all we do. We do love having a good chat across the design books about our daily loves however. Our daily loves doesn’t refer to the people in our lives either but rather the really good stuff, like fashion, food, beauty and travel. Some team members are chattier than others and it can be hard for some to get a word in at times, but that’s all part of the deal here at Keren Brown Interiors.

Yesterday we had a very important team meeting which went on for a while because KB had a long novel of ideas to get through and naturally we were all very focused and mesmerised by what she was saying! During the meeting, notes were being taken and the pile of danishes which KB kept trying to pass off as home made…. was diminishing at a rapid rate. It was around this time that the subject of the blog was touched on. “Why only talk about Interiors on the blog?” One of the younger, less chattier and more focused team members piped up with. “Why not talk about everything from travel to flowers and beauty products?” Young, enthusiastic team member had released a good idea at which time KB gave the approval nod over her novel of notes. We take this nod as a sign to just get on with things and run with an idea when it happens.

So, skip forward to today and the Keren Brown Interiors Blog will hence be known as a lighthearted, lifestyle blog covering interiors, styling, fashion, beauty, food and travel. It’s not all just sconces and floor tiles around here anymore…. well at least in the blog anyway, people’s homes still need to be designed and decorated after all. This particular team member received the very important duty of writing and compiling this week’s blog post about us, cake and the things we love!!!

                                                     OUR TOP 6 PICKS

1. Advanced Night Repair by Estée Lauder – Magic potion actually… wonderful for all types of skin giving a smoother, more radiant look. It’s a repair serum and helps to fight the signs of aging. One team member worked for EL back in the day and swears by it. Her skin looks pretty good if I do say so myself. The 50ml is $150 but it lasts a while and please…. it’s not designed to bath yourself in.

Advanced Night Repair – Estée Lauder

2 . Woven Fan Stud Earrings by Bohemian Threads – How great are these as an option to dress up the old lobes? These come in an array of colours and are totally wonderful to waltz around the office in, or soirée, or Woolworths or even at home if you’re one of those ‘all the time’ fabulous people who looks perfect whilst loading the washing machine. They’re only $24.95 AUD! Might get 5 pairs…. not all in navy blue though because that wouldn’t be very bright…. there’s other colours silly!

Woven Fan Stud Earrings – Bohemian Threads

3. The Aerin Collection by Williams Sonoma – Table settings are a big deal around here and Aerin’s divine tableware in collaboration with Williams Sonoma is sure to take the focus off of any questionable food preparation. In our favourite colours of blue, green and white, Aerin shares that it was inspired by her Summer home in The Hamptons and reflective of the sky, sea, nature and the beautiful homes along the shoreline. We love her!

The Aerin Collection – Williams Sonoma


The Aerin Collection

4. Natalie Loafers by Seed Heritage – We don’t know who Natalie is but Seed named these lovely loafers after her. She’s lucky! Anyway, these are gorgeous and a testament that white shoes are not just for weddings, tennis and Holy Communions. $139.95 AUD is what you will pay to be like Natalie.

Natalie Loafers – Seed Heritage

5. Tradd St Rattan bag by Beau and Ro Bag Company – Mama Mia, how perfect for a wander around the markets or down the sand dunes at the beach? Inside is lined with blue and white stripes too! Very bohemian, giving off a ‘wanderlust’ vibe … the kids hashtag that word on IG a lot btw. It’s $118.00 USD because it lives in America. Hopefully one will live in the office here soon.

Beau and Ro Bag Company 

Image by

6. Hawaii – Always a good idea! One team member likes the hustle and bustle of Waikiki, while another prefers the quiet time over on the North Shore. Either way, Hawaii is the destination for sun, surf, seafood, sippy drinks and all round good fun. Hawaiian Airlines or Qantas Airways will take care of you during the long haul if you are departing from Australia and actually, Advanced Night Repair will be handy for this situation and the fan earrings too if you want to step up your in-flight attire. Turtle Bay Resort O’ahu is fabulous and called Turtle Bay for a reason, yes there’s turtles. Lots of good stuff happens in Hawaii and much wanderlusting goes on too!


Turtle Bay Resort O’ahu


Right, this business of the blog can be ticked off of my very important list now because a cheese platter just entered the office and that just became a little more important!