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Constructing the dream design

Hats off to Interior Designers everywhere… there we said it. Some of you are possibly ultra confident when it comes to designing your own interior at home. For others, it’s a daunting task. What if you decide that the wallpaper which was freshly hung this morning now makes you want to curl up and rock in the corner? Suddenly, the paint choice which looked like the calmest, duck egg blue on the swatch looks purple on the wall! Breathe…. decisions can be a tricky business. Thankfully there’s light at the end of the tunnel and usually that light is equipped with fabric swatches, textiles and a multitude of ideas. Your dreams can truly become a reality as a client in the interior design world if you stick to 3 important fundamentals – trust, communication and most importantly, a realistic budget. Trusting an Interior Designer is key, there’s a reason you have called them after all, so be confident in the decisions they make during the design process. Communicating with your Interior Designer from the very first meeting, means your design will be finished on time and on budget with an outcome reflective of your initial vision. The B word can be scary … BUDGET controls everything. One must remember that so much time goes into sourcing, designing, coordinating, planning and executing a final design, meaning Interior Designers take on the role of Accountant too when taking all of these elements into consideration. If you want the best, you will need to be prepared to pay in order to receive the best. Do it properly the first time and you won’t regret it later on down the track.
So, at Keren Brown Interiors, much hard work goes on behind the scenes, contrary to what previous posts have suggested, except for the cake….and Humphrey of course. Many hours are spent on mood boards, accessing samples, designing custom furniture and the overall coordination of an eventual install. We work tirelessly in bringing only the best to every project, with attention to detail at the forefront of our minds. Throughout this year, many exciting developments have taken place at Keren Brown Interiors, with more gorgeous clients entrusting our expertise, a hilarious and good looking team which has expanded, construction of a new office space, new design services and an upcoming major launch of the most beautiful Keren Brown Interiors furniture range, a project which has been a year in the making. Wow… that was a long sentence.
So many exciting moments ahead and as a team we couldn’t be more thrilled with ourselves!! This week we are sharing one of Keren’s favourite design elements – FABRIC and a reminder to you, we can custom design and upholster just about anything your heart desires. We also have a fabulous new service called – “Designer for a Day” where we will let you borrow Keren for part of a day so she can guide you on constructing your own space. You must hand her back afterwards though as we would miss her terribly. There’s more information on this service in our website.
So, imagine if fabric didn’t exist! How depressing. Thankfully, not something we ever have to worry about. We work with many fabric houses and they are the glue which holds our designs together. We also had the pleasure of attending the new fabric launch during the week for Jeffrey Alan Marks in at King Living Brisbane. Named ‘Ocean View’ these fabrics are … you guessed it, inspired by water, sea, the ocean and pretty much the coastal scene. A lovely night listening to Mr Neale Whitaker and Jeffrey speak about the fabric, design and general interiors chatter. Can we just add that the man knows how to dress!! Anyway, a great night hosted by King Living and it was so lovely to meet some of you out there too.
Caroline Cecil fabrics are fresh and calming. The ‘Loop’ print is a perfect choice for cushions or upholstering an occasional chair. We love the Cobalt Blue!
Kate Spade is synonymous with being fun and colourful and the ‘Leo Kat’ print in Picnic Green is just that. A bright statement which we would recommend for an ottoman or even for a child’s bedroom or playroom.
Tillett Textiles in the ‘Firecracker’ print, colour – Flamingo is pretty darn fabulous! Imagine a bright touch to your room using this for drapery, cushions or for covering lampshades?
Quadrille Fabrics – Love Love Love the Jacaranda print in Multi Magenta. Superb choice for a winged back chair, sofa or an antique French settee.
That’s it for another week! We were pretty well behaved in the office this week, except HR (Human Resources) popped past the desk with some odd questions about last week’s post regarding Humphrey. Just played silly and pretended Humphrey was a fictitious character implemented into the post to make it seem more enjoyable to read! Like we’d ever exaggerate in order to gain more readers… seriously! xx