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Coastal Mashup

More distractions in the office this week. Because cheese platters, monte carlo biscuits and a story about one team member outwitting a tall, model type in David Jones for the last amazing pair of shoes wasn’t enough to halt one’s work…. let’s just throw Humphrey into the mix! Humphrey comes into the office from time to time. He has the most amazing brown eyes, good build and positively beautiful blonde hair. He’s the type of pretty boy that just makes you want to kiss him if you dare. Now KB runs a pretty tight ship when it comes to respecting team members, clients and general visitors to the office and holds a harsh stance on any inappropriate behaviour in the workplace. Despite these strict guidelines, it’s hard to not want to drop the fabrics, disappear to a park with Humphrey ….. share a chicken sandwich and watch him wander off amongst the jacarandas when he needs to go. Anyway, we can dream and surely you can understand the issue of distractions around here.
So, Humphrey’s blonde hair inspired many things in the office on Wednesday, images of golden sandy beaches and coastal good stuff. In an office where most team members prefer the cold months and despise the Brisbane heat, we still possess a love for a great coastal mashup. A great coastal mashup is the holy grail of coastal living  – beach house, cute bike, non sand eating puppy, ocean views… you get the drift. As the weather turns cooler and the air conditioners remain on, we take a moment to reflect on those who may loathe the cooler months and actually cherish the heat, humidity and everything that comes with it. Now we understand and respect the Summer loving people and most probably you are one and have a knack for not looking like an electrocuted Alice Cooper by the end of the day, despite what the cosmetics consultant told you about the waterproof mascara you purchased from her…. Audrey !!! Audrey works in air conditioning all day and she appeared the type of gal who doesn’t shrivel up when the temp gauge thingy rises above 20 degrees celsius, but that’s beside the point.
Pretending we belong in the dream coastal mashup, we’ve included some favourite images and Instagram accounts that might have you turning from the cold side to the hot side. Interestingly, while you do that.. a challenge was just accepted to try and snap a pic of Humphrey to share. KB probs won’t approve, she’s far too busy to read this anyway…. so don’t dob! Loose lips sink ships as they say in the office kitchen and anyway, we’ll deny it and tell her you adore Brisbane’s February weather. You won’t win friend. Here you go Summer lover…..
Summer Inspo boards 
Flatlay fever sometimes hits us hard in the office and ends with everyone getting involved in a good group hover over what’s happening, kind of like a glamorous footy scrum. Yes, we know what a football scrum is thank you! After dusting the cake crumbs away, we ended with these flatlays ready for a recent pitch on a beach house.
Iluka Beach House
No really, it’ll do. The pool…..the shutters… the choice of white! Created by Contemporary Builders, this Iluka beach house is a quintessential Summer home want and need. The team at Contemporary Builders, who are located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, surely sit around their office eating cake and patting each other on the back for an incredibly awesome home. Featured in InsideOut magazine and ruling the Pinterest pages, we get why. 

Outdoor showering
Everyone living within the coastal mashup life has an outdoor shower. Byron Beach Abodes has them naturally. After a long, energetic swim through the ocean…. ha… as if! Ankle dip all the way here or a good pool frolicking followed by a quick rinse off is our idea of a cool down. If you’re needing a coastal getaway then visit Byron Beach Abodes…. a totally wonderful place to rewind, relax and enjoy everything coastal living offers.
Ride away
We love a styled up bike so much and the owner of this lovely bike always does such a gorgeous job. A quick bike ride from the beach house to the local for a half strength, half splash, quarter drop of cappawhatever and you are looking utterly Summer fabulous. Image – Instagram @abeachcottage
Denarau Island Fiji
Feeling warm but not at the Alice Cooper stage yet? How’s a dip here… seaweed clinging free and minus the bikini sand bulge… well that’s the dream. Denarau Island Fiji is so fabulous and may we recommend staying at The Westin Denarau Island Resort & Spa. It’s a luxury resort aimed to offer service beyond your expectations and the sister resort to the neighbouring Sheraton Fiji Resort. A great bunch of restaurants along the sand with delicious food and drinks guaranteed to please. For those with children, go on… take them with you! As this Author can attest, the kids will love the daily activities and be so stuffed they’ll fall asleep at the table….not an exaggeration, upright asleep at every dinner for 4 nights in a row with the fabulous staff making up a genius restaurant chair bed on each occasion so dinner wasn’t cut short.
Sunburn is the Devil’s work and if you haven’t ever heard of slip, slop, slap then either you have been asleep since birth or you haven’t spent time on Australian shores. Whichever way, it’s ok because the umbrella hat will shield your entire body from the sun and help keep you hidden from those on the sand you may wish to avoid. Image – Instagram@sincerelyjules
Feeling Summerfastic? New word just made up would you believe? We’re quick like that around here. So, now you can sit and wait and ponder about Summer and pretty stuff and whatever and well you know, this and that  ……. GOT A PIC!!!! I WIN …….