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Change it up

Is change really as good as a holiday? I don’t know about that. A new cushion on the couch can hardly bring the same feeling of content that sipping savie blancs on the beach in Hawaii would bring. Definitely an arguable quote, however we do believe change is great for the mind and soul. This kind of deep thinking was manifested during an epic re-merch of a certain teenage girl’s bedroom, who was feeling she needed a change. After being presented with three sketches of various options for furniture placement, I was asking myself if all 13 year old children, on a mission for a room shake-up do this? Will she eventually work in the design or decorating industry? Perhaps she has a parent who does it for a living and then writes about design and random other things on an Interior Design Blog! Who knows, anyway at the end of the day, change is good no matter what shape or form it comes in.
Change is coming in a big way to us at Keren Brown Interiors and we’re not talking about what we’re having for lunch, although a quiche would be nice…. the spinach and feta type… Woolies do a good one btw. The change we’re talking about is in the way of a new office space…. yes very ‘citing! We are very fortunate to have a newbie in the office, she is a smart, enthusiastic superstar, fresh out of design school, who is not at all technologically challenged, unlike others in the office. One of her first duties was to design the layout of the office space on her fancy, room layout thingie on her laptop. Cannot tell you how happy I was to not be asked to do that and I think disappearing into the fridge when Keren was at the desk shopping for who would assist with this duty was a clever move on my part.
So, with the fabulous design by the office techie superstar now complete, an overall vision of how each room will look is where the team is at. Keren is quite particular about having the office rooms, kitchen and bathrooms reflective of the style Keren Brown Interiors is well known for. We have been encouraged to get involved by finding inspo pics and coming up with ideas which would assist in creating a fun, beautiful and practical space for all. Someone presented a champagne station which I though was fabulous but it still hadn’t made the moodboard as of this morning, so hopefully a few ‘Hail Mary’s’ tonight before bedtime will help bring this genius idea to fruition. I can tell you however, that all of the important elements will be used. From fabrics, wallpaper and custom furniture, to upholstered lampshades and all of those small details which brings any room to life. After all, rooms should be interesting and reflective of your personality, so really… an office space isn’t any different.
Recommendations for any great room design are endless and we have a few design fundamentals we religiously implement into any space.
Layering is the key to building areas of a design. A coffee table with one book on it may look minimal and preferred by some but introduce stacks of interesting books, a posey of flowers, a candle and some shells and we have a layered coffee table bursting with personality.
Texture comes in many aspects, found through furniture, textiles and fabrics, it establishes the tone of a space. A mix of texture provides interest and breaks up the boring. Don’t be boring… every enviable interior has a touch of texture.
Natural elements such as shells, flowers and greenery are simple, yet very effective when bringing an overall design together. Once the main elements of furniture, fabrics, wallpaper and paint are in place, introducing the natural elements through styling brings an overall cohesive finish.
Colour in fabrics is an essential component when designing an interior. Used for drapes, cushions, lampshades, bedding and upholstery, a space depends on colour to reflect the feel and look being determined. Colour is a visual language, it communicates the mood of an interior.
Lamps are such an easy and impactful addition to any space. An instant lift in colour and texture through a lampshade or base instantaneously brings a side table, desk or console to life.
Personal touches, whether it be an inexpensive item purchased in a flea market on a trip or a family heirloom left to you from a loved one, these special items bring meaning and significance to any room and are representative of an area of your life, deserving of being a part of your design.
We can’t wait to start sharing the reveal of the office in a few months. You’ll see the good, the bad and the ugly, not us  …. the design process silly! Everyone is smart, well behaved and pretty over here thanks. Let’s just say, she (office) isn’t so crash hot at the moment but give us time and my word she’ll be a cracker, filled with colour and texture and all layered up AND a champagne station! Pleeaaassseeeee Keren? Don’t see what the problem is ….